As preppers we normally think the physical things we have will be the things that will save us, but there is one thing  just as or more important than our storage stuff.  We need to keep fit in not just our body but our minds as well. Specifically, in this article I will be discussing physical fitness.   When we think of fit we sometimes think of going to the gym and bulking up or trying to lose weight, but it seems there really are two types of physical fitness.  I would call the first one gym fit and the other one prepper or outdoorsy fit.  While both of them are good and you can benefit from both as well as do both, prepper fit may be the best.

People aren’t as fit these days because so many people have desk jobs where they’re stuck sitting down for hours on end. People were once much more self sufficient and spent time outdoors more often.  With the society we now live in, being fit takes some time and effort.  I personally go to the gym and see it as a great activity.


photo_7873_20081111-300x200-9018322The benefit to being gym fit is you can tailor your workout to the muscles that really need it.  When you’re working out in the gym, it’s easier to pinpoint which muscles you’re working out.  One of the other benefits is being able to rest one part of your body so it can heal and strengthen while being able to work another part. Not only can gym exercise be good for you after you start to get into it, but you’ll also start feeling better and have more energy. It is the best way to look good as well (even though that is not really necessary to prepping).  It is also the easiest way to do cardio and improve stamina (which is huge in a teotwawki situation).  Being gym fit is usually easier than being prepper fit because it’s sometimes easier to make time for it and to find equipment.


photo_4859_20080130-300x225-3988743This type of fit is more a real world and tactical type of fitness. This does not always result in the most fit looking person, but may actually make you more useful during real world situations.  I am reminded of farm boys that may not look like a big bruiser, but they are able to throw heavy bales of hay into trucks over and over and they make it look easy.  Some of the fitness is more the ability to know how to use leverage and your body to your benefit even if you aren’t quite that strong.  One other great benefit to being fit in this way is that you may actually learn some valuable skills. While I can’t really list all the different things you can do to get prepper fit some good ones for starters may be things like:

  • Chopping wood with an axe
  • Gathering firewood and using a chain saw to chop it
  • Hunting
  • Practicing with your bow
  • Doing Yard work
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Motorcycling (many do not think it is difficult but it is a workout)
  • Riding a horse
  • Taking care of farm animals and livestock
  • Gardening
  • Home Improvements
  • Mechanical work like working on cars, engines, farm equipment, etc.
  • Fishing to an extent (sometimes it’s more lazy than anything)
  • Snowshoeing
  • Boxing or MMA
  • Snowboarding or Skiing

These are only 17 ideas but prepper fitness is really limitless.  Knowing how to do these things will not only help you become more prepared in your life but will also get you in shape while building up your knowledge and intelligence, where gym fit will not.  What I like about doing these types of activities is that they are much more fun than going to the gym and they can even be made into great family activities while at the same time getting fit.

What I really want to show in this post is that working out, being healthy and getting good exercise does not have to be boring and tedious.  Even with the best prepper gear, if we aren’t fit and at least in decent shape (you don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger) we will have a tough time getting through a circumstance that requires so much hard work and energy.  So get out there and start working out so you can be a benefit during TEOTWAWKI instead of a burden.