Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate Change and Global Warming


Benefits of Preppers Giving to Charity and Storing For Strangers

Benefits of Preppers Giving to Charity and Storing For Strangers

disaster_response-8348500I have heard from people and seen people commenting that being a prepper is a selfish lifestyle.  I personally don’t understand this mentality. The first thing I think about when referring to selfishness is someone who only cares about themselves and will do anything to satisfy their own desires. While there are selfish people in every parts of life I don’t feel that selfishness is the mentality of most preppers.  I feel that the real words that describe preppers are responsible and independent.

Storing More than Just for your family

I think just the independence portion of prepping actually makes preppers a benefit to society instead of a hindrance. The idea of prepping is actually very selfless in that preppers want to be able to take care of not just themselves, but also there families and in many cases friends and others who need help. So just being able to be independent frees up a prepper to do other things in an actual time of trouble.  They may be able to help the less fortunate and become leaders in a TEOTWAWKI situation instead of having to resort to unethical ways to get food and stay alive.

Should we really have more than we need?  While I am not talking about hording I am talking  about having a storage of food and resources that can be a benefit during society. Before an actual disaster we may think those people that didn’t prepare are just idiots and why should we have to support the people who did not do the responsible thing and prepare for the future.  While I understand this (and even agree to this in many scenarios)  there would probably times that being able to give to others will be very fulfilling and it would even be hard to not help.  A couple situations I can think of are a little child who by no fault of there own has no food to eat, or a person who has prepared but for some reason or another no longer has there storages (this could be because they were on a vacation when the TEOTWAWKI situation struck, or they may have even had their storages stolen and were able to escape for their life), and also having more food will be good to reward those people that have done something nice or beneficial for you or your family.

I am not saying give all of your food away or have your family go without because you are helping others.  I think we need to take care of our family so I would say first get your storage to a level that makes you feel comfortable and able to provide for your family, but if you are to that level it may be a good idea to have a little extra for those unforeseen good Samaritan opportunities.  Being able to help in a TEOTWAWKI situation may actually boost your morale, because I know when I am able to do something good for someone, during their time of trouble, I feel good about myself.

Helping others and Giving to Charity Before a TEOTWAWKI Situation

Being a Conservative Christian I have always felt that government is not the answer when it comes to helping those less fortunate.  I think we really need to be the ones to help each other.  Like I said before you should be prepared yourself and not giving everything you have away or you just become a liability when there is collapse of society, but being able to give back to others is not only uplifting, but it can also help them become more prepared.  I strongly believe that each person that is prepping is one less person that will give me a problem in a TEOTWAWKI situation.

The main thing we think about when talk about helping is giving money to a charity.  The charity that I really like and also relates directly to prepping is Convoy of Hope.  They are an organization that are a non-profit disaster relief company.  They go in after disasters and help those directly affected.  They help people get back on their feet by helping them rebuild and getting people food, water and other necessities to survive.  If you would like to give to this Christian organization just click here to Donate.

Giving donations to charities is only one of the many ways we can help each other and in the process help ourselves.  Think about some of these other options.

  • Teaching people the value of Prepping (each person preparing is on less person that will be a problem in a SHTF scenario)
  • Volunteering at an orphanage or a Group home (every child that we can help become a good citizen is a benefit and will help society)
  • Helping the elderly in your city (most of the elderly have helped us in one way or another through our lives and have helped shape us into the people we are now so why not give back to them)
  • Being a Neighborhood watch volunteer (This is a great way to meet others in your neighborhood and is a step to being a leader and being able to have some form of community and plan if we are forced into a TEOTWAWKI scenario)

I know there are many other things I have not listed that would be beneficial to help our society and minimize the problems that come with TEOTWAWKI.  Comment and let me know some other ways that we can help our communities and in the process prepare others. I think showing others that we care is the best way to show others that they should also be prepared.  Being prepared should also not be a selfish act, but a selfless act.

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